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10 most costly Dog Breeds within the world

5. Löwchen

The Löwchen, additionally referred to as the insufficient Lion Dog or Lowchen, could be a little breed of dog that’s legendary for its frolicky and energetic temperament. they’re thought-about a rare breed and might value anyplace from $3,000 to $8,000.

Löwchens area unit atiny low breed, with males deliberation up to twenty pounds and females deliberation up to eighteen pounds. they need a compact build, a long, wavy coat, and a particular look with a mane of hair around their neck and shoulders. Their coat will are available in a spread of colours, as well as red, brown, black, and blond.

Löwchens area unit intelligent and energetic, and that they need regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay them happy and healthy. they’re additionally legendary to be loving and constant to their family and observe companion dogs.

In terms of care, Löwchens need regular grooming to take care of their long, wavy coat, furthermore as a high-quality diet and regular veterinary care. These factors will contribute to the value of possession.


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