10 tips for Pet Owners Share How They Find Out Their Pet Can See Something They Don’t

For most pet owners, there is a point in a pet’s life when they realize that their dog or cat can see something they don’t. This can be anything from a barking dog that keeps interrupting their sleep to a cat that keeps smelling a certain scent in the house. Whether your animal can see things other than what you are seeing is part of what makes pets so special and unique. When your pets see something that you can’t, check out these stories of eye-opening adventures.

1. Discuss how they first became aware their pet could see something they couldn’t.

When I first became aware that my pet could see something I couldn’t, it was really surprising. I think it’s because she’s always been my best friend, so she’s always telling me little secrets about things going on around the house. She also knows what I’m thinking about more often than I do myself. My cat, Sid, has always been a lap cat and he has a very keen sense of smell, but when my other cat died I was feeling down and the only way I could stop myself from crying was by hugging him. He got up close to my face and put his head on my shoulder and started purring. He seemed so upset that even though I had no more tears left in me they came rushing out through my eyes in blinks like dirty water from a burst canal.

2. Share how they found out their pet could see in the dark.
Next time you think your pet can’t see in the dark, they’ll be sure to show you!

One of my pets has always been able to see in the dark, even before she was born. She knows when it’s dark outside, and will come ask me for permission if I’m out of sight.

It’s common to believe that your pet can see in the dark, but it often takes someone else to prove it. You may think that your little buddy would be the last person to see something when others are asleep. Your dog can actually “see” things when there is no light – no matter what kind of light exists in the area. The light doesn’t have to be bright; it just has to be there.

I have a female cat, Angel. She was rescued from a high-kill shelter, and although she is only about three years old, she can see in the dark.

3. Discuss how they found out their pet could see in the shadows.
I found out my cat could see in the shadows after he followed me around for about 5 minutes and then jumped on a chair. I put a piece of paper on the floor, turned on the light in the room and waited to see if he would go toward it or away from it. He went into the shadowed area and watched. Then without hesitation he returned to his spot near me.

Dogs can see in the dark, unlike us humans. You may be surprised to learn that dogs can see figures even without the benefit of sight or light. In fact, you can train your dog to identify objects in their environment using only sound.

4. Share how they found out their pet could see through walls.
I first found out that my dog could see through walls when she started barking at the door to her own room. I was shocked when she stopped barking, walked up to the door and looked right through it.

Our pets are our best friends and they love being part of the family. Pets are able to see through walls, even when closed! They can hear us speaking, feel the heat from a fire, and smell local foods wafting through the air. We’re happy for our furry companions because they are able to sense light and dark, smell flowers in bloom and can understand human speech!

5. Share how they found out their pet could see in the rain.
I never really knew my pet could see in the rain. One day, I was priming the lawn mower and the dog ran up to me. She ran onto dry grass and when she looked down she saw water reflecting off of an object. It was a towel that was right next to us!

My pets can see in the rain and they always run up to me when I open every door and leave a bunch of water on the floor.

I rescued my bunny when she was only a few days old. I spent hours and days with her, no matter the weather. She eventually grew up to be quite large, and started seeing rain from far away at such a young age that I was convinced she was blind

6. Share how they found out their pet could see in the snow.
Our pets are our furry, little friends. But they can also be our eyes and ears on the ground in all kinds of weather. Who knew that our animals can see even better than we do?

Discover how you can help your pet enjoy the outdoors this winter.

We love sharing fun stories about how our pets are the greatest and we’ve compiled a few of the most incredible in this book.

7. Discuss how they found out their pet could see in the dark.
My cat and I love exploring the outdoors at night, but we have to be especially careful because our eyes don’t see in the dark as well as a human’s. Every time we go camping or hiking, I can always tell that my cat has trouble locating objects around her. That said, she is still very active and happy to go on adventures with us whenever possible!

When my dog first saw the light, I was hysterical. She’s a rescue and had lived her entire life in darkness. One day we were out for a walk when I noticed something off about the lamp post. She was peering intently at the lamps. Now, mind you, she can see in the dark like any other creature of canine kind; I would venture to say that she is one of the most sensitive dogs on earth – but this was different… Something about these lamps caught her interest. By some strange alchemy, she was able to tell their exact burnout level and even their internal color!

I found out my dog was a night owl when one day she ran around the yard after sunset. It turns out, she has inherited her mother’s eyesight and can see quite well in the dark. These days, I can often find her sleeping on a shady couch during the day when there is no sun shining through our windows. She is at ease while enjoying an afternoon snooze when it’s cloudy outside!

We know that our pets see in the dark, but only now did I realize how powerful and amazing that ability is. Not only could I see her every move from all angles but she could also sense when someone was around her. She knew when I needed to come home, or if there were strangers in the house.

8. Share how they found out their pet could see in the snow.
Our pets keep us company, help us with chores and even help us remember to take out the garbage. Find out how they found out their pet could see in the snow!

Looking for a new companion? Consider bringing one home that can see in the snow. Bats, hedgehogs and ferrets all have an amazing ability to see in low light conditions and navigate without a headlight.

My cats are crazy, one of my cats was going to be sneezing for a few hours before she would start running around the house and catching snowflakes mid-air. Then I knew it had to be something else — so I came across your product on PetSmart’s website,” shares Tisha Riggs from Idaho Falls.

My dog was an early adopter of snow. He would lie in the middle of the street and bark at cars until we’d go out and pick him up.

9. Discuss how they found out their pet could see in the rain.
I found out my dog could see in the rain when a drop of water was flowing down my nose and he licked it off.

I didn’t know that my little pup could see in the rain. You would of thought she would get distracted and leave, but she stayed right by my side. I am so happy that I have such a great friend!

My dog could see in the rain, so I made sure that she was always wearing a rain jacket. She loved playing in the yard on stormy days and I was always careful to play with her nearby to avoid mud puddles or slippery pavement.

My cat can see in the rain, even if it’s not storming. He’ll stand on the back porch and look out at the pouring rain, then come run straight to me with a silly grin on his face. We do this every time it rains and I’m always surprised!

10. Share how they found out their pet could see through walls.
The best part is when we are able to take a break from our busy days, and be able to enjoy the company of pets. Now, do you think our pets can see through walls? Sharing that many of us have found out our pet could see through walls.

I can’t believe my dog can see through walls! He keeps watching me as I walk past the kitchen, even when I tell him I have to go cook. This proves he really does have superpowers.

We love sharing stories of our pets discovering the world. This is one of our favorites!

Cats and dogs can see through walls, but cats are more likely to do this than your dog. They do it for hunting strategy, so if they think the prey is in one direction, they will take a break, then look for them in another direction.

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