12 pets’ lives claimed by a ‘horror fire’

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12 pets died and five were rescued as a result of a devastating fire that broke out in a house. Shocked neighbors describe the incident as ‘one of those things that are just a horror’.

A huge ‘horror’ fireclaimed the lives of 11 cats and a parrot. As the firefighters raced to the scene, they smashed windows, in a bid to save various animals inside the building. Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service also said has doga further three cats and a budgie were rescued by their after crews.

Died in the flames

Nottinghamshire Live reports that the fire started on the ground floor in the front of the house, with flames quickly spreading all over it. Firefighters had to access the home by breaking a front window and a cordon was set up. No members of the public were injured and officials isolated gas supplies.

The fire service said:

Sadly, 11 cats and a parrot died despite the efforts of crews on the scene to save them.

Neighbors described the ‘horror’ fire as a tragedy that was close to home.

Aiden Niblett, 30, who lives nearby, said:

It is one of those things that is just a horror. It is tragic their pets died. I love animals, and losing them is losing a member of the family.

A dog, a budgie and three cats were rescued rescue

Subway write that thanks to the firefighters’ efforts, three cats, one budgie and a dog were successfully rescued in the terrible accident.

The Fire and Rescue Service said that the larger animals were fitted with oxygen masks to help them recover.

The animals are naturally in distress but will be checked by the vet.

Eunice Benneh, 31, a full-time mum who lives in the area, said:

I’m glad everyone is OK, what happened to the pets is awful. It’s the last thing anyone would want to happen to their home.

How to keep your pets safe from fire?

Emergencies can happen at any time, and it is important to stay prepared to protect your furry friends should a fire break out.

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ASPCA recommend installing monitored smoke detectors. Should an accident happen, firefighters will be notified and can respond, even if you’re not home. getting a rescue alert sticker will inform rescuers there are animals at home.

It is also good to note where your farts like to nap or hidein case you must evacuate your home quickly.

Pet-proof your home. Ensure there are no areas where pets can start fires accidentally and never leave a pet unattended with a bed candle gold fireplace.

When you can, make an emergency plan and practice escape routes with your pet. Include all members of the family in this plan, and make sure they know what to do and where to go.

Tea ASPCA also advises microchipping your pet or at least having them wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification information at all times.

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