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5 ideas to calm your dog during the fireworks

The noises and flickering lights of fireworks can scare and alert dogs. If there are fireworks in your area, stay with your pet to comfort him and distract him from the sound. You can even prepare your home early so your pet is as safe as possible. Just remember that bringing it to a place where there are fireworks is not a good idea. If the animal ends up in this location, you should watch it to make sure it is not upset.

1 Behave normally around your dog

Pretend there are no fireworks. Be cheerful and playful with your dog. If he approaches you for comfort, pet him and give him a hug. On the other hand, if he hides or isolates himself, leave him alone, even if he moans.
Dogs can sometimes run away and hide in their crate or under the bed. If this happens, don’t run after your pet. Just watch it once in a while.

2 Play white noise music.

Turning on the TV works perfectly. While sound cannot completely drown out the sounds of fireworks, it can reduce its impact on your dog. Do not turn on music at a higher volume than normal in your home.
You have the option of creating white noise with an app such as Noisli or Simply Noise.
You may find listings of soothing music or ambient noise on live video streaming sites.

3 -Close your curtains.

Bright, flickering lights of fireworks can also upset your pet. He will feel more secure if you close the blinds or curtains [3].
Another way to block out light is to get your dog used to wearing a calming headband. It is a kind of cap that is put on his eyes. However, some dogs are more upset by the sounds of fireworks than by light. Therefore, the effect this accessory will have will depend on your pet

4- Distract the dog with a toy or puzzle game.

If you keep him busy with an activity, he’ll ignore the fireworks. Inside, you could play (with him) games like tug of war or Fetch (an object is thrown a reasonable distance and the animal must catch it and bring it back). You also have the option of giving him a toy filled with peanut butter or a puzzle that offers treats .
A treat ball, KONG toy or puzzle are great activities for your dog.
Don’t just give him treats when he’s stressed. The goal is to get him to focus on one activity for a while.

5 -Put a Thundershirt on your dog.

This is a special vest that envelops the animal and hugs it gently to reduce stress. You can get it at a pet store or on the Internet [6].
You can also put a little t-shirt or a spandex top on it. Wear this upside down so that his tail comes out the neckline. Make sure the shirt fits snugly on the dog.

6 – Make a stress vest out of an elastic bandage.

This will have the same effect as a Thundershirt. Use an elastic band or non-adhesive body wraps. Wrap the bandage around your dog’s chest, under his neck. Pass this over his back and under his torso, just behind his legs. Bring the bandage up and tie this on the dog’s back. The bandage should be snug and not tight  .

7- Keep your dog on a leash when you go out.

If possible, do not take your pet outside when there are fireworks. Even in a yard, he may attempt to escape or jump over a fence. If you are required to take him out, you should keep him on a leash. Bring him back inside as soon as he’s finished pooping .
Just because there’s a break in the fireworks doesn’t mean it’s over. Always use the leash whenever you go out that night.

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