5 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding Day

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In May, the New York Post reported that a study by Consumer Affairs found that over 50 percent of millennials preferred their pets over their siblings and parents, while 30 percent would say the same in comparison to their romantic partner.

There are arguments for any way to look at this — see the economy, upbringing and so forth — but the simple conclusion is that pets are important, which is something all generations can agree upon.

To some millennials however, pets are so important that they are opting to be pet-only parents. For those couples, or anyone who loves their pet like a member of the family, it can be not only fun, but also meaningful to include Fido or Fluffy in the happiest day of their life — their wedding day. But how can you include your furry friend while keeping with your theme, not cheapening your wedding experience and keeping the safety and comfort of your pet at the forefront? We’ve pulled together a few easy and fun ideas that we love.

  1. Groom’s Cake
    • You can have your cake and eat it too … The groom’s cake is the perfect opportunity to include your pet in your celebration. Though many couples have added a little figurine or flourish to their main wedding cake, the groom’s cake offers more creativity. You can ask your bakery to create a miniature version of your pet or some sort of scene that includes your furry friend.
  2. Koozies
    • There are few Southerners that don’t own more koozies than they can count. Kelly here: I often find a rogue koozie in a pot or random drawer. They are also frequently used as party favors for weddings and events. Whether you’re going local with GEM Printing or New Orleans Cufflinks or ordering online, it’s a pretty easy task to customize a koozie with your pet’s face and wedding day information.
  3. Doggie Bag
    • Whether you’re coming home from your mom’s house or a nice restaurant, who doesn’t love leaving with a doggie bag? Opt for your own “doggie bag” as your wedding favor. Add in a sweet treat for human and something special for Fido. We even suggest popping in a specialized cookie with your pet’s likeness.
  4. Charitable Give-Back
    • Especially for those who already have everything they need in their homes, opting for a charitable donation instead of a gift or along with a honeymoon fund is a popular option. When requesting donations in lieu of gifts, ask guests to donate to a local animal rescue such as Zeus’ Place or the LaSPCA in your pet’s name.
  5. Additions: Attract/Decor/Invitation
    • Possibly one of the easiest ways to incorporate your pet is to add a drawing or watercolor of them to your engagement announcement, wedding invitation, ceremony program, seating charts and/or table décor. Additionally, the groom, groomsmen or anyone else can add an image to socks, bowties and ties, handkerchiefs or any number of clothing items to don the day of the wedding.

Lagniappe: include your pet in the Big Day itself. Have your pet there while you’re getting ready or later if you opt for a “first look.” These two options make for a more comfortable environment for the pet and less opportunity to mess or any issues to go awry.

Did you include your pet in your wedding? Send us details and photos! Email [email protected] or fill out our Real Wedding form here.

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