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A good way to find a fair price on pet insurance is to compare pet insurance quotes among multiple companies.

While price and coverage are important factors when finding the best pet insurance in Arizona, other factors are worth considering. Here are additional things to look for when comparing plans.

Extra perks

Many pet insurance companies offer additional perks. For instance, Figo offers a Pet Cloud that helps pet owners organize medical records and appointment schedules. Another example is Nationwide, which offers policyholders exclusive pricing on prescription medications through its partnership with Walmart. Additionally, your pet plan may give you access to a 24/7 vet helpline to answer your pet-related questions day or night.

Waiting periods

No matter where you purchase pet insurance, policies always have waiting periods, which is the amount of time you must wait until your coverage begins.

Each pet insurance company sets their own waiting periods, so check before you purchase coverage. For example, Embrace has a two-day waiting period for accidents, while Nationwide has a 14-day waiting period for accidents.

It’s also important to check for any extended waiting periods applied to specific conditions, like hip dysplasia.

Multi-pet discount

Do you have more than one pet you want to insure? Some pet insurance providers offer a discount for insuring multiple pets. In addition, pet insurers may provide other ways to save money by offering other discounts or a vanishing deductible when you don’t file a claim, such as Embrace.

Exam fees

When you take your four-legged companion to the vet, they will charge you a consultation fee to assess the injury or illness. Some insurance companies cover this cost while others don’t. Check each pet plan to make sure it’s included in your policy.

Wellness care add-on

While many pet insurance companies, like the ASPCA, offer wellness care as an add-on, some don’t provide that coverage. Adding wellness coverage to your plan can help pay for expenses and maintain your furry friends’ health each year.

Vet direct pay

When your pet visits the vet, you must pay the entire bill upfront before the pet insurance company reimburses you for vet costs. But some pet insurers, like Trupanion, pay the vet directly if your vet has their unique software installed. Vet direct pay may ease the financial burden of large vet bills.

Claim filing process

When nursing your pet back to health, you probably don’t want to deal with a lengthy claim submittal process. Many pet insurance companies have simplified the process by letting you submit all claims through an app or online. Buying insurance from a company with a straightforward claims process will likely give you peace of mind.

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