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Calling all current – ​​and future – pet parents.

We are partnering with our friends at Nulo to keep our furry friends healthy. We Wednesday, August 17th and again on Wednesday, August 24th, experts at Nulo will be joining us on KXAN’s Facebook page for “Experts On Call”. Nulo’s health and nutrition experts will be answering your questions about your pets. Things like: how to keep them happy, to training and nutrition. No question is off the table. But first we need your help!

If you have a question related to pet health, nutrition, training or behavior, send it to [email protected] NOW and we will be answering those questions, August 17th and 24th on KXAN’s Facebook page. Our pets bring out the best in us and we want to give YOU the answers YOU need to give them the best care possible. Again send your questions now to [email protected] and Nulo and KXAN will make sure you stay “Healthier Together.”


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