Nebraska Humane Society heat issues advisory for pets

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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) β€” The Nebraska Humane Society is issuing another warning about how dangerous heat can be for animals.

This comes after they got a 3-year-old cat named Joey in July.

He was found with heatstroke in Bellevue. By the time he arrived, he was lethargic and didn’t respond to light or other visual stimulation.

The Humane Society says Joey can now find the litter box, food and do other things. But he’s fully blind and has a head tilt. That’s probably from neurological damage from the heat.

β€œIt’s so hot outside. And most of the time cats can find their way into shade. So if you do see somebody that’s out and it’s super hot and they’re panting and they look like they’re in distress. They probably are,” Pam Wiese, spokesperson for the Nebraska Humane Society.

NHS is reminding everyone to keep pets out of hot cars and in air conditioning whenever possible.

If an animal appears to be in distress you should check on it.

If it needs help call the Nebraska Humane Society.

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