Pet Owner Slammed as Waitress With Drinks Trips Over Dog Lying on Sidewalk

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A waitress was caught on camera tripping over a dog while carrying pints of beer, causing her to drop everything on the sidewalk—and the internet has slammed the pet’s owner for not taking greater care.

In a post shared on TikTok, waitress Sinead Cartwright, known on the platform as sin.marie, plays a CCTV video of the restaurant she works at, showing her tripping over the dog, with a caption that says: “The [dog’s] ok ….. the beers [didn’t] make it though.”

In the video, she can be seen coming out of the restaurant to serve the outdoor tables, holding a tray with two pints, when suddenly she trips over a dog lying in the middle of the sidewalk and the tray goes over.

According to research by the PEW charitable trusts, in many parts of the United States taking a dog to the restaurant is illegal, unless it’s a service dog. Only a few states have laws permitting dogs to join their owners on restaurant terraces.

The video, which was first shared earlier in July, has gone viral all over social media, reaching over 93,600 likes, 2,282 comments and 626 re-shares.

The internet was divided on this, and while most people thought the dog shouldn’t be positioned there, slamming the owner’s poor judgment, others thought the waitress should have been more careful.

One user, Epic shorts commented: “I’m sorry but it’s the waitress fault here.” And Den sure nabo answered: “Go work in restaurants.”

kid.luke said: “Dog shouldn’t be there, but like, it also wasn’t very hidden now, was it.” Lizzielupton9 commented: “It is when you’re carrying something in front of you. Say a tray of drinks maybe…”

Beetledryve said: “My theory is that the tray she was holding was obscuring her view of the dog as she came round the corner. dog shouldn’t be there.” And Julie said: “Please keep your dogs near or under the table.”

L3uddyholly asked: “why is the dog just in the middle of the pavement” And user4960039339470 added: “common sense not to block [the] walkway.” While Shannon rebated: “Common sense to look where you’re going.”

Another user, Flutter commented: ” who [lets] their dog lay in the middle of the SIDEWALK.” And Monica added: “Especially when there are servers walking around with trays with drinks on them and food.”

Hollyllovelock said: “as a waitress, we’re always told to look straight ahead when carrying full drinks, like a pint, so it doesn’t spill- she’s doing her job- not at fault.” While Aamberwithsole argued: “As a waitress you’re also supposed to be watching where your walking so you don’t bump trip or fall on any customers.”

Irmela Husic suggests: “charge her the broken amount so she will think about where to keep the dog next time.” And Kales_x said: “Some of y’all have never carried a tray of drinks.”

Mikeyxy20 joked: “New rule: Dogs and kids are only allowed at Chuckie Cheese and Applebee’s….that’s it, nowhere else.”

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A file photo of a waitress carrying two beers. A waitress was caught on camera tripping over a dog lying in the middle on the walkway by the bar, smashing all the drinks, and the internet is blaming the dog owner.
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