“The shelter reflects the community” & it’s not good

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Concho Valley PAWS has written a letter to San Angelo pleading with the community to do better when it comes to our four-legged and furry residents.

PAWS began by saying that they have heard the communities concerns and complaints over the last few months and said that these emotions were valid however that there was only so much that can be done without the assistance of the community.

“There are HUNDREDS of animals in need in our community. Rescuers are horribly outnumbered,” said PAWS, “not just by the number of animals needing our help, but by the sheer number of people who don’t care, who won’t fix their pets or who won’t be responsible.”

PAWS addressed the issue of the smell and appearance of the shelter explaining that is what happens when a facility impounds hundreds of animals that have been dumped or abandoned and said;

“THE SHELTER IS A REFLECTION OF THE COMMUNITY IT SERVES. As such, I think it’s safe to say our community isn’t looking so good.”

The letter continued by asking for kindness from the community, to not judge the shelter or an animal by their appearance. Criticism does nothing but hurts them and hurts the animal’s chances of finding a loving home even more.

PAWS warned that if our community does not step up the shelter will continue to move backward instead of forward stating that 90% of the animals that entered in 2021 were saved, but in June of 2022, that number dropped to 64.78% because the number of animals entering the shelter increased by 26%.

PAWS unapologetically concluded the letter by saying, “This community is the problem. dogs and cats are suffering and dying because of how this community treats its animals. pets are not disposable, yet they are being tossed out like trash every day!”

The good news is that you can be the solution. If you want to help, reach out via cvpaws.org. Learn about adopting or fostering and the many programs we have to help animals and their people. Or visit us Wednesday- Saturday 1 pm-7 pm at the Concho Valley PAWS Judith & David Hirschfeld Center at 3134 N. US Hwy 67.

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