Ways to help a stray pet safely

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LEVERETT, Mass. (WWLP) – A 22News viewer sent us photos of her newly welcomed pets.

Elaine Raskevitz of Leverett shared with 22News how her and her family recently received an 11 week old German Shepard puppy named Archie B. Raskevitz’s son John, brought home Archie B about five weeks ago.

Raskevitz immediately fell in love with Archie B when she and her husband would become caregivers for the dog, while their son was away.

Their cat named Stray kitty is seen in the second photo. Raskevitz says, “she is a stray who decided she liked our home!”

What you should do if you find a stray cat or dog

If your like Raskevitz and stumble upon a stray, there are a few precautions to take. The Humane Society of the United States provides advice on what to do in a situation where you spot a stray animal.

For instance, if you see an animal from the road while driving and decide to pullover, make sure emergency lights are blinking. When stepping outside of the car, safety factors should be taken into consideration.

You want to approach an animal steadily. The Humane Society of the United States recommends to pay attention to your sudden movements as you don’t want to startle them. If an animal appears to be less friendly and more threatening, it is best to back away.

To restrain the animal, a barrier will be created. Another option is using a carrier, leash, piece of cloth, or length of rope to keep the animal enclosed.

If near a road, signal other drivers to slow down, if unable to confine the stray pet.

Three steps the Humane Society of the United States considers:

  • Use caution: Before catching an animal, using a calm voice will help to reassure them. Strong-smelling food may also help them come closer to you.
  • Lure them into your car: If a local animal control is unable to help then lure them into car, but wait for help. Having a dog or cat unrestrained in a car, may cause them to be aggressive.
  • Call for backup: A local animal control agency should be called if the animal is not able to be restrained. Whether or not the animal is injured or wearing an identification tag they should be called. When calling a dispatcher, a phone number should be left with them. Along with, an estimated time arrival for animal control to arrive. When reporting an animal, be sure to use road names, mile markers, or landmarks.

The stray should be taken to a nearest animal shelter, if they were able to be transported.

However, if you decide to take an animal home, Humane Society of the United States says to let an appropriate agency be made aware that you have the animal, after finding no trace of an owner. The animal should, however, be treated at a veterinary hospital for a wellness check, spay/neuter microchip, and vaccinations.

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