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Superhero movies have taken over the contemporary media landscape. It seems that barely a week can go by without another high-flying, CGI-laden action Marvel or DC Extended Universe property being released. Some of these films are deadly serious, while others opt to focus more on the humorous side of things. Though most of these films, except for a handful of darker, R-rated superhero flicks like Dead Pool, Loganand The Batmanare family-friendly, not all cater entirely to a child demographic.

DC League of Super Pets is undeniably a kid’s movie. However, it inarguably has a broader appeal than that, demonstrated by its overwhelming box office success. The film is a delightful tale of friendship and even jealousy, marked with incredibly colorful set pieces and a massive collection of quirky animated animals. The plot revolves around Superman (John Krasinski) and Superdog Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) and the pair’s battles with Lex Luthor (Marc Maron) and his criminal mastermind associate, a super-genius guinea pig named Lulu (Kate McKinnon). Additionally, the film includes several other animals who incidentally gain superpowers from a Kryptonian meteorite and eventually partner up with the other members of the Justice League.


Here are some of the best hero/animal pairings in DC League of Super Pets.

Superman and His Trusty Labrador Krypto Are Lifelong Friends

Of course, the best pairings of hero and animal in DC League of Super Pets must include Superman and Superdog. Krypto is a Labrador Retriever placed in an escape pod alongside an infant Kal-El to escape the destruction of the planet Krypton. In modern times, Krypto goes by the alias Bark Kent, a pun on Superman’s secret identity alias, Clark Kent, and the two superpowered Kryptonians fight crime in the city of Metropolis.

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Krypto, as a character, forces audiences to grapple with one of the film’s essential themes, jealousy. He doesn’t allow Clark Kent to spend any considerable time with his love interest, Lois Lane (Olivia Wilde), feeling that Superman is wasting time on a relationship that could be spent stopping crimes with his canine companion. At the end of the film, Krypto relents, allowing Clark and Lois to be married, realizing that what is good for his friend is also good for him.

Batman and Ace the Boxer Are Misunderstood


One of the first animals the DC League of Super Pets audiences are introduced to is Ace, a black and white boxer with a surly disposition voiced by Kevin Hart. When viewers first see Ace, he is attempting to escape an animal shelter, though he is eventually stopped from doing so by Krypto. Ace eventually gains the abilities of super-strength and invulnerability.

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Later, Ace is adopted by a superhero of similarly dour disposition, the caped crusader himself, Batman (Keanu Reaves). Aside from their grouchy personalities, the two characters have a lot of similarities. As a puppy, Ace belonged to a loving family. When the young child of his owners almost fell down a staircase, Ace grabbed her and pulled her to safety, leaving teeth marks on the young girl’s arm in the process. His adopted family believes that he bit the young girl, and Ace is subsequently placed in a shelter. Batman is similarly misunderstood. His actions are not always praised by the people of Gotham City, but he nevertheless continues to fight crime and save the citizenry.

Wonder Woman’s Shapeshifting Swine PB Is Happily Obsessed PB

Wonder Woman, played here by Jameela Jamil, who will be taking on the role of the villainous Titania in MCU’s she hulk, is a staple of the DCEU. In DC League of Super Petsshe gains a new friend, in the form of one of the film’s funniest characters: a pot-bellied pig named PB (Vanessa Bayer) who has the ability to transform herself into any size.

Though audiences don’t see PB and Wonder Woman side by side until the film’s end, it’s easy to understand why the Themysciran princess would opt to adopt the lovable pot-bellied pig. Throughout the film, PB is shown to be obsessed with Wonder Woman, and the pig is almost apoplectic when she gets to ride in Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.

Saving the world is a rather difficult line of work, and it can often make superheroes act a little too serious. DC League of Super Pets is a delightful break from this trend. The animated animals in the film are adorable, and the characters also serve to teach the film’s younger target demographic important lessons about responsibility, jealousy, and friendship. Though it’s unlikely that Wonder Woman will be charging into battle alongside a shapeshifting pig in any upcoming live-action films, it was refreshing to see the lighter side of DCEU characters. The Super-Pets are super fun, and the film is undeniably must-watch entertainment for the whole family.

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